Geochemical Perspectives is a journal independent of major publishing houses, entirely run and edited by and for the geochemical community. Geochemical Perspectives is published by the European Association of Geochemistry.


Each issue of Geochemical Perspectives presents a single article with an in-depth view on the past, present and future of a field of geochemistry, seen through the eyes of a highly respected member of our community. The articles combine science and history of the field’s development and the scientist’s opinions about future directions. We expect personal glimpses into the author’s scientific life, how ideas were generated, pitfalls and triumphs along the way, and how ideas were adopted to carry our field further. Perspectives articles are intended for the entire geochemical community, not for experts. They are not reviews or monographs or text books. They go beyond the current state of the art, providing opinions about future directions and impact in the field.

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v8n1_cover_184Volume 8, Number 1
April 2019

Big Picture Geochemistry from Microanalyses – My Four-Decade Odyssey in SIMS
by Nobumichi Shimizu

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In this new Geochemical Perspectives, Nobumichi Shimizu recounts his personal story of how the ion microprobe became a powerful tool in geochemistry and how in situ trace element and isotope analysis techniques have been used in various ways in solid earth geochemistry. This is also the story of how micro-scale observations changed, and continue to change, our views on large-scale natural phenomena.

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