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Geochemical Perspectives is a registered trademark of the European Association of Geochemistry
ISSN: 2223-7755 (print) | 2224-2759 (online)
2022 Impact Factor: 3.8 | 5-year Impact Factor: 4.6
Periodicity: Geochemical Perspectives is published twice a year

Aims and Scope

Geochemical Perspectives is an internationally peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes invited contributions from leading scientists in the field of geochemistry.

Each issue of Geochemical Perspectives presents a single article with an in-depth view on the past, present and future of a field of geochemistry, seen through the eyes of a highly respected member of our community. The articles combine science and history of the field’s development and the scientist’s opinions about future directions. We expect personal glimpses into the author’s scientific life, how ideas were generated, pitfalls and triumphs along the way, and how ideas were adopted to carry our field further. Geochemical Perspectives articles are intended for the entire geochemical community, not for experts. They are not reviews or monographs or text books. They go beyond the current state of the art, providing opinions about future directions and impact in the field.

Publisher Information

Geochemical Perspectives is published by the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG), a non-profit organization registered in France. The society was officially established in 1985 with the goal of promoting geochemistry internationally and in particular providing a forum for the presentation of geochemistry, exchange of ideas, publications and recognition of scientific excellence.

The European Association of Geochemistry assumes no responsibility for any statement of fact or opinion expressed in the published material.

Publishing Format

Each Geochemical Perspectives article is a single paper (40 000 – 60 000 words) with abundant colour photos and figures.

Articles are published online in PDF format as soon as accepted and typeset. Each article is assigned a unique CrossRef DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and a dedicated page on the Geochemical Perspectives website.

All articles are open access and are freely available in PDF format from Geochemical Perspectives OnlineGeochemical Perspectives is also available in html and PDF formats to subscribers of GeoScienceWorld at perspectives.geoscienceworld.org.

Current members of the European Association of Geochemistry receive a printed copy of Geochemical Perspectives in A5 format. Printed copies are also available for purchase at 15 Euros per issue for non-members, 10 Euros for members. Click here for more information.

Institutional subscriptions are available for 50 Euros a year. Click here for more information.


Geochemical Perspectives is indexed in Science Citation Index-Expanded (including Web of Science) and Scopus.
Clarivate Analytics 2022 Impact Factor: 3.8 | 5-year Impact Factor: 4.6
Scopus 2020 CiteScore: 11.4

Open Access Policy

Geochemical Perspectives is an open access journal. All content is freely available in PDF format from Geochemical Perspectives Online, immediately upon publication, without charge to the user or his/her institution.

Since 2021, all articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Therefore, anyone is free to share (copy and redistribute) the material in any medium or format under the condition that:
– appropriate credit is given to the original author and publication
– a mention is included if changes were made to the original material
– a link to the license is provided
However, the material cannot be adapted (remixed, transformed, built upon) or used for commercial purposes without prior permission from the author.

Comments and invited replies

Comments can be submitted within one year of publication of a Geochemical Perspectives article. Comments should point out substantial inaccuracies, misrepresentations or major omissions in a Geochemical Perspectives article. Read more here.


All issues of Geochemical Perspectives are available in PDF format on the journal website and published articles are archived on the EAG Server. In addition, HTML and PDF versions are also stored on GeoScienceWorld server.

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